Create personalized family pictures on wood

Create personalized family pictures on wood

Most people do not think about preserving memories in a creative way, but we enjoy doing so. That is why we were excited to find out that the pictures on wood are such a beautiful display of photos and add warmth to any room! In this blog post you will learn how easy it can be print your favorite family pictures onto our newest product for just $10 each at Art Of Your Mind's website

It's very easy, just follow the next steps:

1. Personalize your family pictures with a custom design
2. Upload a photo to our website and choose the size and shape of wood you want it printed on
3. Pick from dozens of designs or create your own unique pattern
4. Choose between two different finishes - with or without white ink - to get the look that matches your home's style best
5. Order online today and we'll ship out within 48 hours!

The natural look of wood is perfect for displaying your favorite family memories. It has a rustic feel that will make any room cozy and inviting, while still looking fresh and modern. Plus it's so easy to do! If you're like us and always on the lookout for new ways to preserve your family's memories, consider printing them onto gorgeous wood panels as one way of doing just that. With this post, I hope I have helped inspire some beautiful ideas when it comes to making cherished moments last forever in an elegant way.

To start creating your own wood print, go to Personalized Wood Prints and select the size you want!


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